Rajinikanth Cricket Jokes

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  • Why was Rajini so chill during the Cricket World Cup finals?? He has already watched this match in his dreams last night, today he was just watching the highlights.
  • RajniKanth is the Captain, Coach, Manager, and Wicketkeeper of his team. Actually he is a one man team.

  • India needs to score 10 runs of 1 ball in order to win. Rajni is batting, we are hopeless. Bowler bowls it and Rajni hits with power.

The Result: Ball splits into “TWO” 1 half goes to SIX…..The other half goes to FOUR.

  • Anhoni ko honi karde, honi ko anhoni, ek jagah jab jama ho teeno, Ghajni, Rajni aur Dhoni.

  • Unlike Yuvrraj, Rajnikanth hits 6 sixes in 1 ball.

  • RAJINIKANTH was once playing cricket in the monsoons and Rain was cancelled due to the Match. Rajinikanth Rocks
  • Once a boy was playing cricket outside Rajinikant’s house & the ball hit rajnikant’s window. Rajnikant took d ball n told d boy 2 play slowly…… that boy is none other than Rahul Dravid!!

  • Once Rajni played a defensive cricket shot, and the ball landed on mars.

  • Rajni can play Tequila shot in cricket.
  • Cricket Plays Rajnikanth.