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Two Line Shayari: A Short Form of Poetry

Shayari is a type of poetry that has been popular in South Asia for centuries. It is usually written in two lines and is used to express emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Two line shayari often uses simple words to convey powerful messages. The beauty of this form of poetry lies in its ability to convey deep feelings without using too many words.

The language used in two line shayari can vary depending on the region or dialect spoken. In India, two line shayari may be written in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali and other languages. In Pakistan it may be written in Urdu or Pashto while some countries use Arabic as their primary language.

The topics covered by two line shayari range from love and romance to sadness and despair. They can also be humorous or light-hearted. No matter what the topic is though, these short poems always manage to evoke strong emotions from readers.

Two line Shayari are typically composed by poets who have mastered the art of conveying complex ideas with few words. These poets are able to capture a moment or feeling perfectly with just a few lines. This makes them particularly attractive for those who appreciate brevity but still want to express their feelings.

"Aaj humne bhi kuch naya likha hai"

"Aaj humne bhi kuch naya likha hai," (Today we have also written something new) is one of the most famous two-line Shayari ever written. It was penned by Ghalib Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib (17971869), an Indian poet whose work heavily influenced modern literature all over the world.

"Aaj humne bhi kuch naya likha hai" captures a moment when someone starts writing something new which they hope will make an impact on the world around them. Through this poem Ghalib expresses his hope that he will be remembered even after his death through his writings.

"Kabhi na ho duur tumse mujhe yaqeen hai"

"Kabhi na ho duur tumse mujhe yaqeen hai" (I believe I'll never be far from you) is another popular two-line shayari which was written by Sahir Ludhianvi (19211980). This poem expresses the strong bond between two people who are so close that no matter how much time passes they will never drift apart.

"Kabhi na ho duur tumse mujhe yaqeen hai" captures a moment where two people feel secure in each other's presence despite any obstacles life throws at them. Through this poem Sahir expresses unconditional love between two people which transcends all boundaries.

"Hum jo chaahein wo mil jaaye har baar"

"Hum jo chaahein wo mil jaaye har baar" (Whatever we wish shall come true every time) is another famous two-line shayari which was penned by Faiz Ahmad Faiz (19111984). This poem speaks about how if you have faith then whatever your heart desires will come true eventually.

By expressing his belief that if one works hard enough then anything can be achieved "Hum jo chaahein wo mil jaaye har baar" captures a moment when an individual feels empowered and hopeful about achieving their goals no matter how tough life gets sometimes.

Two line Shayari have been around for centuries and have managed to captivate audiences with their powerful yet concise expression of emotion and thought using simple words. They offer readers a unique way to connect with each other through shared experiences captured through these short poems.

Two Line Shayari of The Day

1. I just want to be the reason
You smile every day! 2. The night is so dark, and yet so bright
For it brings us the stars that shine so light 3. A thousand words will never suffice
To express how much you mean in my life 4. Your love has brought me peace of mind
And joy that I could never find 5. My heart beats for you like a drum
Let's play our lives together as one 6. Love can make us fly high above the sky
Together we will go forever till we die 7. In this world of darkness, you are my light
That guides me through each day and night 8. Our love story is like a movie scene
With no ending, but only dreams 9. Every moment spent with you is precious and dear
Nothing compares to having you near 10. Life without your presence would be incomplete
Without your love, I am nothing but bleak 11. You are the source of my strength and pride
You bring sunshine into my life side by side 12. When I look into your eyes, I see a future so bright
Everything around us starts to feel alright 13. Loving you was the best thing that ever happened to me
Giving up on us was something I could never foresee 14. We were meant to be together from eternity
For theres no one else who can complete me 15 .No matter what happens between us two
My undying love for you will always remain true 16 .Your touch makes every pain disappear
Your embrace gives me comfort in fear 17 .You have grown within me like an inner flame.
I have come alive since loving your name 18 .Your beauty mesmerizes my soul.
You are all that makes this life whole 19 .My heart skips a beat when i think of thee.
And still i'm not sure if it's real or fantasy 20 .Loving you has been such a beautiful experience.
It has brought out the best version of myself ever since

Famous Poets for Two Line Shayari

1. Mirza Ghalib
2. Jaun Elia
3. Faiz Ahmad Faiz
4. Allama Iqbal
5. Gulzar
6. Dr Kumar Vishwas
7. Rabindranath Tagore
8. Sahir Ludhianvi
9. Amir Khusro
10. Bashir Badr

1. William Shakespeare
2 . Robert Frost
3 . Maya Angelou
4 . Pablo Neruda
5 . John Keats
6 . W H Auden
7 . Walt Whitman
8 . Emily Dickinson
9 . Langston Hughes
10 . Sylvia Plath

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