Friendship Shayari to Share With Your Friends With Feelings

Collection of best friendship shayari with beautiful poems on friendship. Best shayari for you to share in your friendship with your friends on whatsapp.

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Friendship shayari is a type of poetry that celebrates the joys and beauty of friendship. It is written in many languages including Hindi, Urdu, and English. Traditionally, shayari has been used to express love, longing, and sadness. But today it is also being used to celebrate the joys of friendship too.

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Friendship shayari can be used to show appreciation for friends or just as a way to express your feelings about them. Here are some examples of friendship shayari that you can use to express your feelings about your friends.

Famous friendship shayari:

Mirza Ghalib:

Dosti ka rishta aesa pyar hai, Jo dil se dil tak hota hai.

It is a love that goes from heart to heart.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz:

Dosti ka rishta ek aesa rishta hai, Jo zindagi bhar nahi toota.

It is a relationship that never breaks.

Allama Iqbal:

Dosti ka rishta ek aesa rishta hai, Jo duniya se bhi bada hai.


Dosti ka rishta hai pyar se bhi pyaara,

Dosti ka rishta hai dil se bhi dil se judaa.

(The bond of friendship is more precious than love,

The bond of friendship is separate from the heart.)

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Dosti ka yeh silsila kabhi khatam nahin hota,

Dosti ka yeh rishta dil se dil ka hota hai.

(The chain of friendship never ends,

The bond of friendship is from heart to heart.)


دوستی را فقط می توان با دوستی دانست،

دوستی را فقط می توان با قلب فهمید.

(Friendship can only be known by friendship,

Friendship can only be understood by the heart.)

Friendship shayari is a beautiful way to express the love and appreciation we have for our friends. It is a reminder that friendship is a precious gift, and that we should cherish the friends we have in our lives.

Here are some more examples of friendship shayari:


Dosti ka yeh rishta hai,

Jo zindagi bhar nibhana chahiye.

(This is the bond of friendship,

Which should be fulfilled for life.)


Dosti ka yeh silsila hai,

Jo zindagi bhar chalta hai.

(This is the chain of friendship,

Which goes on for life.)


دوستی را فقط می توان با عمل نشان داد،

دوستی را فقط می توان با قلب لمس کرد.

(Friendship can only be shown by action,

Friendship can only be touched by the heart.)

  1. Dosti ka rishta anmol hai, Yaadon se bhi pyara hai. Dost mera khuda ka gift hai, Har pal mere saath saath hai.

  2. Dosti ki gehrai judai mein bhi hoti hai, Baaton mein muskurahat chhupai hoti hai. Dosti mein dard bhi mila hai hume, Par zindagi mein khushiyan bhi laai hai hume.

  3. Yaar ki dosti ne zindagi bhar sath nibhaya hai, Dukh sukh mein humein sambhala hai. Chaho toh dosti ko paas bitha lo, Yaadon ki koi badi dukaan khul jayegi.

  4. Dosti ek nagma hai, Dil ki awaz hai. Dosti ek meetha sa gulaab hai, Zindagi ka sabse pyara uphaar hai.

  5. Dost ko paas bulakar roya nahi karte, Unko yaad karke muskuraya nahi karte. Pyaar toh sabko milta hai zindagi mein, Par dosti ka ehsaas dil se khoya nahi karte.

  6. Dosti ka asli chehra ankhon se padha jaata hai, Dil ki baaton ko samjha jaata hai. Jab bhi chaho dosti ka darwaza kholo, Khushiyaan aur muskurahatein mila jaati hai.

  7. Dosti mein waqt nahi dekha jaata, Dil se dil mila jaata hai. Rishton ki gehrai dosti mein hoti hai, Har raaz aur khushiyo ka silsila dosti mein hota hai.

  8. Zindagi ki raahein kitni bhi mushkil ho jaye, Dost hai jo saath nibhaye. Muskurate rahe hum hamesha, Dost hai jo muskurahat dilaye.

  9. Dosti ka ehsaas dil se hota hai, Pyaar se bhi gehra hota hai. Dost hai jo har baat samjhe, Saath chale jab duniya khafa hoti hai.

  10. Dosti ki roshni chamak jati hai, Dost ke saath har gam tak jati hai. Zindagi mein dosti ka ehsaas ho toh, Khuda bhi saath saath hota hai.

  11. Dosti ka rishta anmol hai, Kabhi tootne na dena isko. Dost hai jo har pal saath deta hai, Khuda se bhi zyada chahta hai.

  12. Dost milte hai bahut kam log, Pyaar se bhi zyada qeemti hote hai. Jaise phoolon ka rang hai mehek, Dost ka saath hai hamesha behtareen.

  13. Zindagi mein ek dost chahiye hota hai, Jo khushi mein saath de, gam mein bhi. Dost hai jo humari har khwahish samjhe, Zindagi bhar ke liye saath de.

If you are looking for a way to express your love and appreciation for your friends, friendship shayari is a great option. It is a beautiful and meaningful way to show your friends how much they mean to you.

There are many different types of friendship shayari, but they all share a common goal: to celebrate the power of friendship. Some friendship shayari are funny and lighthearted, while others are more serious and reflective. But all friendship shayari share a deep understanding of the importance of friendship in our lives.

Dosti K Pyare Lamhe Nahi Bhulaye Jatey

This translates into Friendship's precious moments cannot be forgotten and expresses how important memories with friends are in life. This kind of shayari can be used when you want to remind someone how much they mean to you or when reminiscing about past times together.

The Benefits of Friendship Shayari

Friendship shayari has many benefits. It can help us to:

  • Express our feelings for our friends in a creative and meaningful way.

  • Strengthen our friendships by reminding us of the importance of our friends in our lives.

  • Celebrate special occasions with our friends.

  • Commemorate the loss of friends.

Dosti Ka Rishta Asaan Nahi Hota

This translates into The relationship of friendship is not easy and expresses how difficult it can be at times but also how rewarding it is when things work out well between two people who care deeply for each other. This kind of shayari can be useful if you need help expressing your feelings towards a friend who has had a tough time lately or simply wants to show your appreciation for their loyalty and support over the years.

Tum Hi Mera Dost Ho Zindagi Se Bhi Pyara

This translates into You are my friend more precious than life itself and expresses just how strong the bond between two friends can be. This kind of shayari can be used when you want to tell someone special just how much they mean to you or just as an expression of gratitude for all their support throughout the years.

Hum Doston Ko Bhool Na Payege Kabhi Bhi Na Jane Kab Mulaqat Hogi Phirse Humse"

This translates into We will never forget our friends; we don't know when we will meet again." This kind of shayari expresses both sadness at having lost touch with a dear friend but also hope that one day they will re-connect once again someday soon. It's perfect for letting someone know that no matter what happens, you still care deeply for them even if there's distance between you now.

"Dosto Ki Yaad Aati Hai Har Pal Dil Ko Behlati Hai"

This translates into "The memories of friends come every moment warming up my heart." This kind of shayari emphasizes the importance and power that memories have on us especially with regards to our friendships with others which stay close in our hearts forever no matter what happens in life or where we end up going afterwards in life's journey ahead!

"Aapki Muskurahat Pe Hum Jeete Ji Marte Hai"

This translates into "We live and die on your smile". This type of shayari is great for expressing deep gratitude towards someone who has always been there by your side through thick and thin no matter what happened in life - reminding them that their presence alone brings so much joy into your world!

"Chalte Chalte Yunhi Raasta Badal Jaata Hai"

This translates into "On walking along roads change". This type of shayar expresses the idea that even though paths may change sometimes during life's journey, true friendships never do - no matter what happens along the way these connections remain strong forever!

Sharing friendship Shayari with those closest to us is an excellent way to honor our relationships with one another while simultaneously celebrating these beautiful bonds we share with each other! Whether its expressing love, appreciation or simply showing gratitude - these words have amazing power within them which should never go unnoticed or unappreciated!

The History of Friendship Shayari

The history of friendship shayari is long and varied. The earliest known examples of friendship shayari date back to the 13th century, when Sufi poets in India began to write about the importance of friendship. These early poems were often philosophical in nature, and they explored the nature of friendship and the role of friends in our lives.

In the 17th century, friendship shayari became more popular in India, and it began to be used to express a wider range of emotions. Poets began to write about the joys of friendship, the sorrows of loss, and the challenges of maintaining friendships. Friendship shayari also began to be used to celebrate special occasions, such as weddings and birthdays.

How to Write Friendship Shayari

There is no one right way to write friendship shayari. However, there are a few tips that can help you to write effective friendship shayari:

  • Be honest and sincere. Friendship shayari is most effective when it is written from the heart.

  • Use vivid language. Use words that will help your readers to feel the emotions that you are trying to express.

  • Be creative. Don't be afraid to experiment with different forms and styles of poetry.

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