Romantic Shayari for Your Loved One and Your Partner

Read beautiful and evocative romantic shayari poems that express the full range of human emotions, from love and longing to loss and despair.

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Romantic Shayari is a form of Urdu poetry that is used to express love and romance. It is a popular form of expression in South Asia, and is often used in songs, films, and literature. Shayari is a word that comes from the Arabic word "shayari," which means poet. It is a form of poetry that is characterized by its use of short, rhyming couplets. Shayari is often used to express emotions, such as love, loss, and longing.

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Some Beautiful Romantic Shayari

  • "Tumse Milne Ki Tamanna Hai, Aur Tumse Juda Hone Ka Darr Bhi Hai." (I want to meet you, But I am also afraid of being separated from you.)

  • "Meri Aankhon Mein Tumhari Tasveer Hai, Meri Zuban Pe Tumhari Baat Hai." (Your image is in my eyes, And your words are on my lips.)

  • "Jab Tum Mere Paas Hote Ho, Toh Mujhe Lagta Hai Ki Duniya Meri Hai." (When you are near me, I feel like the world is mine.)

  • "Tumhare Pyar Se Meri Zindagi Bhar Gayi Hai, Ab Mujhe Aur Kuchh Nahin Chahiye." (My life is full of your love, I don't need anything else.)

  • "Tum Mere Pass Ho Toh Meri Duniya Khubsurat Hai, Aur Tum Mere Pass Nahin Ho Toh Meri Duniya Beet Gayi Hai." (When you are with me, My world is beautiful, And when you are not with me, My world is gone.)

  • Tumhari aankhon mein chamak hai, Tumhare chehre pe muskurahat hai. Tumse juda hona meri adat nahi, Tumhari khushboo mein hi meri zindagi hai.

  • Mohabbat ka silsila hai yeh, Dil se dil milte hain. Teri baahon mein khoya hoon main, Tujhse hi dil ke raaz kehte hain.

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  • Tere pyaar ki roshni hai jahan, Teri yaadon ka sama hai yahan. Tere bina jeene ki kya wajah hai, Tu hi toh meri har khushi ka asra hai.

  • Teri baatein hain mere dil ki dhadkan, Teri khushboo hai mere saanson ka nasha. Tujhse juda hokar jeena mushkil hai, Tere pyaar mein khona hai meri adat.

  • Jab se dekha hai tumhe, Dil mein hai ek ajeeb si kashish. Tumhare saath har lamha guzarna chahta hoon, Tumse pyaar karna chahta hoon, bas yahi wish.

  • Mohabbat mein tera naam likha hai, Teri yaadon se sajaya hai. Tere pyaar mein khud ko paaya hai, Tumse hi mujhe pyaar aaya hai.

  • Tera chehra meri aankhon ka noor hai, Tere hotho ki muskurahat hai beqaraar. Tumse milne ki khaamoshi hai yahan, Tujhse juda hokar dard hai behisaab.

  • Teri aankhon mein khwab hai, Teri saansein meri zindagi hai. Tujhse pyaar karne ki wajah hai, Tu hi toh hai meri har khushi ki raahein.

  • Tere ishq mein khud ko kho diya hai, Teri baahon mein jeena chahta hoon. Tumhare pyaar mein rang liya hai, Tujhse hi mujhe khud ko pehchana hai.

  • Mohabbat ka ehsaas hai yeh, Teri baahon mein sukoon hai. Tere pyaar mein hi jeena hai, Tujhse hi hai meri zindagi ka maksad.

  • Tere pyaar mein khushiyon ka sama hai, Teri yaadon mein hi dil behisaab hai. Tumhari baahon mein sukoon hai, Tumse hi mujhe pyaar ka ehsaas hai.

  • Teri zulfon ki lehar hai yahan, Teri aankhon ka nasha hai. Tumse juda hokar jeena mushkil hai, Tere pyaar mein hi meri zindagi hai.

  • Tera chehra meri aankhon ka sapna hai, Teri baahon mein khoye hain hum. Tumse juda hokar dard hai behisaab, Tere pyaar mein hi hai meri khushi ka raab.

  • My heart is so full of love for you,I don't know what I would do without you.

Romantic Shayari is a beautiful and expressive way to communicate love and romance. It is a popular form of expression in South Asia, and is often used in songs, films, and literature. If you are looking for a way to express your love in a creative and beautiful way, then Romantic Shayari is a great option.

Here are More Beautiful Romantic Shayari For Your Love Once

  • Whenever I'm with you, the world around me fades away,  And all that matters is our love that will never fade away.
  • Your beauty mesmerizes me like a dream come true,  You are my one and only love, no one else will do.
  • The way your eyes sparkle when we look into each other's souls,  Makes me want to be with you forever and evermore.
  • Your touch is so gentle and tender like a summer breeze,  It fills my heart with joy and makes me feel at ease.
  • Every moment spent with you is an eternity filled with blissful joys,  Our hearts beat together in perfect harmony as if it were meant to be since birth!
  • Your voice calms my soul like a beautiful lullaby on a peaceful night sky. It brings warmth to my heart every time I hear it's sweet lullaby!
  • The way your lips curve up into a smile lights up the room around us. Each time our eyes meet it feels like we can stay lost in time forever!
  • Our souls are intertwined like two twinkling stars in the night sky. We have found something special that can never be taken away from us!
  • When I look into your eyes I see all of the possibilities life has to offer. All of them lead right back to you because nothing compares to being in your arms!
  • Your presence enthralls me every single day just like music fills the air. Your beauty captivates my heart and soul leaving me spellbound by its grace!
  • As we walk along this journey called life let us take each step hand-in-hand. Lets make memories together which last until eternity comes knocking at our doorsteps!
  • Together we have created something magical beyond words could ever describe. No matter how far apart we may be our hearts will always remain connected side by side! 
  • I am blessed to have found someone who completes me in every way possible. You bring out the best version of myself making each day more beautiful than yesterday!
  • You are everything I need and more; theres nothing else left for me to desire. Each passing day brings us closer together as if destiny wanted it this way all along!
  • In times of darkness when everything seems lost; Youre there holding my hand tight . You show me light when everything looks bleak reminding me why I chose you as mine tonight !
  • My feelings for you grow stronger each second that passes by; With no end insight . Saying I Love You doesnt seem enough for all that you mean to me Its infinite !
  • My dearest love ,you fill my days with sunshine even during rainiest weather .  The thought of losing you scares me more than anything else could ever measure !
  • The bond between us transcends physical boundaries ; even miles cannot keep us apart .  As long as there is breath within both of us ,our love shall remain strong & true at heart !
  • This feeling inside when I am close to thee ,the butterflies they flutter endlessly .  A never ending story written by fate itself ,of how two souls were meant perfectly !

The origin of romantic shayari dates back to the 13th century when Persian poets such as Amir Khusro were writing about love and romance in their verses. In India during the Mughal period (1526-1858) many great poets such as Mirza Ghalib wrote romantic Shayari that are still popular today. During this time Shayari were often used to express one's feelings towards another person or situation. Later on, during the British Raj period (1858-1947), Urdu language was adopted by many people in India as their primary language for communication. This led to an increase in popularity of romantic Shayari written in Urdu language all over India.

Origins of Romantic Shayari:

Romantic Shayari, also known as love poetry, has a rich history that can be traced back to ancient times. Its roots lie in the poetic traditions of Persian and Arabic literature, which influenced the development of Urdu and Hindi poetry. The practice of expressing emotions and sentiments through poetry gained prominence during the medieval era in India, particularly in the courts of the Mughal emperors.

Prominent Poets and their Contribution:

Numerous poets have left an indelible mark on the world of Romantic Shayari with their evocative verses. One of the most revered figures is Mirza Ghalib, whose poetry encapsulates the essence of love and its complexities. Ghalib's works reflect the pain, yearning, and passion associated with romantic relationships, resonating with readers even today. Other notable poets include Mir Taqi Mir, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Jaun Elia, and Allama Iqbal, all of whom have crafted profound shayaris that continue to touch hearts.

Themes in Romantic Shayari:

Romantic Shayari encompasses a wide range of themes, each capturing different aspects of love. Some common themes include:

  1. Unrequited Love: This theme explores the agony and longing felt when love is unreciprocated. Poets express their emotions through melancholic verses that tug at the heartstrings of readers.

  2. Longing and Separation: Distance and separation are often central to Romantic Shayari. Poets beautifully express the pangs of separation and the intense yearning to be reunited with one's beloved.

  3. Passion and Desire: Romantic Shayari also delves into the realm of desire, capturing the intensity of passion between lovers. These verses evoke sensuality and the burning desire that ignites the soul.

  4. Beauty and Admiration: Love and beauty are inseparable, and Romantic Shayari often celebrates the physical and inner beauty of the beloved. Poets use vivid imagery and metaphors to describe their admiration for their loved ones.

Significance of Romantic Shayari:

Romantic Shayari holds immense significance in the lives of people who appreciate the art of poetry. It provides a platform for individuals to articulate their deepest emotions, allowing them to connect with their own feelings as well as with others who share similar experiences. The power of Romantic Shayari lies in its ability to capture the complexities of love and touch the hearts of readers, making it a universal language of emotions.

Impact on Popular Culture:

Romantic Shayari has transcended the boundaries of poetry and permeated popular culture. Its influence can be seen in Bollywood films, where shayaris are often recited to express love and evoke emotions. Many iconic dialogues in Indian cinema are derived from Romantic Shayari, further cementing its place in the hearts of people.

Best shayari writers and poets for romantic shayari:

  • Mirza Ghalib
  • Faiz Ahmed Faiz
  • Allama Iqbal
  • Sahir Ludhianvi
  • Kaifi Azmi
  • Jigar Moradabadi
  • Jaun Elia
  • Rahat Indori
  • Bashir Badr
  • Parveen Shakir

These poets are known for their beautiful and evocative use of language, and their shayari is often used to express the full range of human emotions, from love and longing to loss and despair. Their work has been translated into many languages and is enjoyed by people all over the world.

Some examples of romantic shayari from these poets:

  • "Tum se pyar karna meri ibadat hai, Magar tumhe bataana meri aadat nahi." (Love for you is my worship, But to tell you is not my habit.)
  • Mirza Ghalib
  • "Hum aapke pyar mein kho gaye hain, Aur ab waapis nahi aane waale hain." (I have lost myself in your love, And I am not coming back.)
  • Faiz Ahmed Faiz
  • "Mera dil tumhare liye dhadakta hai, Aur tumhare naam pe ulfat ka geet gaata hai." (My heart beats for you, And sings a song of love in your name.)
  • Allama Iqbal
  • "Aankhon mein teri nigahein hain, Jaan mein teri baahein hain, Aur dil mein teri mohabbat hai." (Your eyes are in my eyes, Your arms are in my life, And your love is in my heart.)
  • Sahir Ludhianvi
  • "Mohabbat ek aisi daulat hai, Jo kisi se bhi nahi maangi jaati." (Love is a wealth that cannot be asked for from anyone.)
  • Kaifi Azmi
  • "Yaad aati hai teri nigahein ki masti, Jab teri baahein mujhe gale lagaati hain." (I remember the intoxication of your eyes, When your arms embrace me.)
  • Jigar Moradabadi
  • "Aaj pyar ka din hai, Aaj dil ki baat kahne ka din hai." (Today is the day of love, Today is the day to speak the heart's words.)
  • Jaun Elia
  • "Mohabbat ek phool hai, Jo dil mein khilta hai." (Love is a flower that blooms in the heart.)
  • Rahat Indori
  • "Dil toota to kya hua, Ab naya dil bana lenge." (What if my heart is broken? I will make a new heart.)
  • Bashir Badr
  • "Mohabbat ek aisi samasya hai, Jo hal karne se bhi nahi hal hoti." (Love is a problem that cannot be solved even by solving it.)
  • Parveen Shakir

I hope you enjoy these examples of romantic shayari from some of the best poets in the world.

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