Dosti Shayari ( दोस्ती शायरी ) for Your Friends To Share

Celebrate friendship with heartfelt dosti shayari ( दोस्ती शायरी ) with your friends and best friend and express your friendship love with them.

Dosti shayari or friendship poetry is a popular form of expressing love and affection between friends. It has been around since ancient times, when poets would write verses to express their feelings for friends and family. The beauty of dosti shayari lies in its simplicity yet profound meaning. In todays digital world, many people still enjoy the timeless art of writing dosti shayari.

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Best Dosti Shayari (दोस्ती शायरी)

1. We are friends and I do care, A friendship so rare, so fair!

2. Friends forever we shall be, A bond of love so strong and free!

3. A friend like you is hard to find, Your warmth and kindness blow my mind!

4. No matter how far away we are, Our friendship will never scar!

5. The memories of our times together, Will stay with me forever!

6. Through thick and thin youve been there for me. Youre the sunshine that sets my heart free!

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7. My life was dark until you came in. You lit up my world like a bright sunbeam!

8. When I am down I know who to turn to. My best friend who will always come through!

9. I can tell you all of my secrets. Our bond is something no one can beat !

10. Friendships like ours are hard to find. You make me feel happy all of the time !

11. Having a friend like you makes life sweet. Knowing your friendship won't ever deplete !

12. I could never forget our first meeting day . When it comes to friendships , yours is here to stay !

13 .Whenever I'm feeling low , You make everything alright . With You around , loneliness has no sight !

14 .We have been friends since long ago , Our journey together still has further miles to go !

15 .A beautiful relationship between us two , A friendship that's true and full of hues !

16 .The trust that binds us cannot be broken or bent , The joys shared between us shall never be spent !

17 .Your support for me will never end , Be it now or till eternity extend !

18 .We have laughed out loud together in joy , And stood together when faced with life's ploy !

19 .Oh what a pleasure it is having a friend as great as you , Bringing happiness into my life without any hue !!

20. We may not talk everyday but our hearts remain connected by the strings of dosti..!!

" दोस्ती का रिश्ता कुछ ऐसा है, जिसकी कद्र हर कोई नहीं कर पाता है। ये रिश्ता न तो खून से बनता है, और न ही पैसे से। ये रिश्ता तो दिल से दिल का होता है, और इस रिश्ते को निभाना हर किसी के बस की बात नहीं होती। "

Shayari on Dosti

Dosti ka yeh rishta nibhana hai, Har pal aapka saath paana hai, Zindagi ke har mod par aapke saath chalna hai, Kyunki dosti ka yeh silsila kabhi khatam na hona hai.

Friendship is a bond that must be cherished, It is a privilege to have a friend like you, I will always be there for you, Through thick and thin, Our friendship will never end.

Dosti ek aisa rishta hai, Jisme na toh rishton ki gehraai hoti hai, Na hi koi sharton ki majboori hoti hai, Bas ek dil se dil tak ka pyar hota hai.

Friendship is a relationship that is not bound by any rules or conditions, It is a pure and unconditional love, That comes from the heart.

Dosti har kisiko naseeb nahi hoti, Jo dost mil jaaye use samjhe, Kyuki ek achcha dost jeevan ka ek khoobsurat tohfa hota hai.

Friendship is not something that everyone is lucky enough to have, So if you have a good friend, cherish them, Because a good friend is a precious gift in life.

A beautiful poem can bring out different emotions in each person who reads it. Dosti shayari is often used to convey feelings of love and admiration for one another that cannot be expressed in words alone. It has the power to make us laugh, cry, feel inspired and even remember moments from our past that we may have forgotten.

Dosti Shayari in English and Hindi

  1. Hindi: दोस्ती एक रंगीन क़िस्सा है, जिसमें हर पल प्यार की मिठास है। English: Friendship is a colorful tale, with sweetness of love in every moment.

  2. Hindi: दोस्ती का रिश्ता अजनबी से बन जाता है, अनकही बातों को समझ जाता है। English: The bond of friendship is formed with strangers, understanding the unspoken words.

  3. Hindi: दोस्ती की मिठास को कोई नहीं छुड़ा सकता, जीवन के सफर में वो ख़ज़ाना है जो नहीं ख़त्म होता। English: No one can break the sweetness of friendship, it is a treasure in the journey of life that never ends.

  4. Hindi: दोस्ती दिल की वो धड़कन है, जो हमेशा साथ रहकर चलती रहती है। English: Friendship is the heartbeat of the heart, always walking alongside.

  5. Hindi: दोस्ती ज्यादा कहने की जरूरत नहीं, ये वो अहसास है जो बस महसूस होता है। English: Friendship doesn't need many words, it is a feeling that is just felt.

  6. Hindi: दोस्ती की दस्तान लिखेंगे हम, हर वक़्त ख़ुशियों की बहार लाएंगे हम। English: We will write the tale of friendship, and bring the season of happiness every time.

  7. Hindi: दोस्ती में ख़ुश रहना सीखो, क्योंकि ये जिंदगी की सबसे हसीन सबक है। English: Learn to stay happy in friendship, because it is life's most beautiful lesson.

  8. Hindi: दोस्ती की आग से सब कुछ सवर जाता है, हर रास्ता मुश्किल से आसान बन जाता है। English: Everything gets adorned by the fire of friendship, every path becomes easy from difficult.

Dosti shayari is a genre of Urdu poetry that celebrates the bond of friendship. These poems are often written in a very emotional and heartfelt way, and they can be very moving to read.

The most common type of dosti shayari is written in Hindi, but there are also versions written in Urdu and other Indian languages. Most poems are short and sweet, but some can be quite lengthy depending on the depth of emotion being expressed.

Types Of Dosti Shayari

  • Romantic: This type of dosti Shayari often expresses deep love between two people. They can be romantic as well as humorous at times.
  • Funny: These types of poems are light-hearted and often poke fun at situations or events in life.
  • Inspirational:: This type of dosti Shayari aim to inspire courage and strength among friends through powerful words that encourage them to stay strong despite difficult circumstances.
  • Sad: :Sad dosti Shayari talk about loss or sorrowful moments faced by two people connected by friendship.

Tips For Writing Dosti Shayari

  1. Choose a topic that resonates with both you and your friend(s).
  2. Think about how you want your poem to sound do you want it to be funny or serious? Do you want it to rhyme? Do you want it to have a certain meter? All these things will help determine the structure and flow of your poem.
  3. Write down all the ideas that come into your head dont worry if they dont make sense right away! Just jotting down ideas will help give you some direction when you start writing your poem.
  4. Read lots of other dosti Shayari for inspiration this will help get your creative juices flowing! There are plenty online so take advantage of them.
  5. Start writing once you have an idea down on paper then start crafting it into a poem. Dont worry too much about making mistakes as you can always go back later and fix them up!
  6. Enjoy yourself - Writing can be a therapeutic activity so dont forget to have fun with it! Even if what comes out isnt perfect, just knowing that you created something with your own hands is an amazing feeling.

In the tapestry of life, friendships are the vibrant threads that embellish our journey. Like the soft whispers of a gentle breeze, true friends weave their way into our hearts, leaving an indelible mark of love and warmth. And what better way to express the depth of these profound bonds than through the enchanting art of dosti shayari?

Dosti shayari, the lyrical expression of friendship, carries with it an ocean of emotions. It resonates with the ebbs and flows of companionship, capturing the essence of shared laughter, tears, and countless moments that form the foundation of true friendship. It is a language that speaks straight to the soul, bypassing the boundaries of mere words.

Here are some of the things that make friendship poetry so beautiful:

  • The use of language: Friendship poetry often uses beautiful and evocative language to describe the bond between friends. This can help us to better understand and appreciate the depth of our friendships.
  • The use of imagery: Friendship poetry often uses vivid imagery to paint a picture of the friendship. This can help us to feel like we are right there with our friends, sharing in their experiences.
  • The use of emotion: Friendship poetry often expresses strong emotions, such as love, joy, sadness, and loss. This can help us to connect with our own emotions and to better understand the emotions of our friends.

Beauty of Dosti Shayari

The beauty of Friendship Poetry lies in its ability to capture the essence of the bond between friends and convey it through heartfelt words. Here are some aspects that contribute to the beauty of Friendship Poetry:

  1. Emotional Connection: Friendship Poetry delves into the emotional realm, exploring the depth and significance of friendships. It touches upon the feelings of love, trust, loyalty, companionship, and support that exist between friends, creating a strong emotional connection with the reader.

  2. Authenticity and Simplicity: Friendship Poetry often embraces a simple and authentic style of expression. It seeks to convey the genuine emotions and experiences of friendship in a relatable manner. The simplicity of language and imagery allows readers to connect easily with the sentiments expressed.

  3. Universal Themes: Friendship is a universal theme that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. Friendship Poetry captures the essence of this universal experience, making it relatable to people from different backgrounds and walks of life. It celebrates the common joys, challenges, and moments shared among friends.

  4. Celebrating Togetherness: Friendship Poetry cherishes the joy of togetherness. It emphasizes the value of having someone to lean on, someone who understands and accepts you unconditionally. The poems often reflect the beauty of shared memories, laughter, and the support that friends provide to one another.

  5. Inspiration and Upliftment: Friendship Poetry has the power to inspire and uplift. It encourages the nurturing of friendships, reminding us of the importance of being there for our friends and cherishing the bonds we share. It can provide solace during difficult times and inspire acts of kindness, love, and empathy.

  6. Timeless Expression: Friendship Poetry has a timeless quality. It can be appreciated across generations and can continue to resonate with readers throughout different stages of life. The beauty of Friendship Poetry lies in its ability to capture the eternal nature of friendship and its enduring impact on our lives.

In the garden of life, dosti shayari blossoms like fragrant roses, showering us with the petals of affection, trust, and understanding. It becomes the solace during turbulent times, providing a refuge from the storms of life. It celebrates the beauty of camaraderie, reminding us that we are never alone, for we have friends by our side, ready to embrace us with open arms.

Dosti shayari, like an ethereal melody, stirs the deepest recesses of our hearts. It paints vivid pictures of unforgettable memories, whispering tales of adventures shared, secrets kept, and dreams pursued together. It encapsulates the bond that transcends distance and time, connecting souls even when miles apart.

So, let us embrace dosti shayari, for it is a symphony of emotions that immortalizes the beauty of friendship. Let us immerse ourselves in its verses and let them dance upon our hearts, reminding us of the incredible souls who have enriched our lives. And let us, in turn, share these heartfelt words, for dosti shayari has the power to touch lives, heal wounds, and ignite a spark of love and belonging in the hearts of all who encounter its enchanting magic.

Famous Shayar for Dosti Shayari
  • Mirza Ghalib
  • Jaun Elia
  • Ahmad Faraz
  • Bashir Badr
  • Daagh Dehlvi
  • Nasir Kazmi
  • Wasim Barelvi
  • Khumar Barabankvi
  • Jigar Moradabadi
  • Hafeez Jalandhari
  • Abdul Hameed Adam
  • Hafeez Hoshiyarpuri

These poets have all written beautiful and moving poems about friendship. Their poems capture the joy, sorrow, and complexity of this special bond. If you are looking for a way to express your love and appreciation for your friends, dosti shayari is a great option. These poems can help you to capture the special bond that you share with your friends. And they can also help you to remember the joy and sorrow that you have shared together.

Here are some of the most famous dosti shayari poems:

  • Mirza Ghalib

Dosti ka rishta kuchh aisa hai, Jis ki kadar har koi nahi kar pata hai. Ye rishta na toh khoon se banta hai, Aur na hi paise se. Ye rishta toh dil se dil ka hota hai, Aur is rishte ko nibhana har kisi ke bas ki baat nahi hoti.

Friendship is a bond that not everyone can appreciate. It is not based on blood or money, but on the heart. And not everyone is capable of maintaining this bond.

  • Jaun Elia

Mere dost, agar tum mere saath nahi ho, Toh meri zindagi ka kya matlab hai? Tum hi ho mere saath saath chalne wale, Tum hi ho mere saath hansne wale, Tum hi ho mere saath rone wale.

My friends, if you are not with me, then what is the meaning of my life? You are the ones who walk with me, you are the ones who laugh with me, you are the ones who cry with me.

  • Ahmad Faraz

Dosti ek phool hai, Jo mehboob ki mohabbat se khilta hai. Dosti ek saaz hai, Jo do dil ke milne se bajata hai. Dosti ek aag hai, Jo do badanon ko ek saath rakhti hai.

Friendship is a flower that blooms with the love of a loved one. Friendship is an instrument that plays with the meeting of two hearts. Friendship is a fire that keeps two bodies together.

  • Bashir Badr

Dosti ek aisi cheez hai, Jo dil se dil tak hoti hai. Dosti ek aisi khushi hai, Jo dil ko behlate rehti hai. Dosti ek aisi taaqat hai, Jo har mushkil se nikalte rehti hai.

Friendship is something that happens from heart to heart. Friendship is a kind of happiness that keeps the heart happy. Friendship is a kind of strength that keeps us going through every difficulty.

Dosti Shayari In Hindi

Celebrate the beautiful bond of friendship with our heartwarming dosti shayari collection in hindi.