Attitude Shayari in English: Embrace Confidence with Poetic Flair

Embrace your unique attitude with our collection of attitude shayari in english, defining your style and persona.

Attitude Shayari in English

Shayari is a form of poetry that originated in India and has been around for centuries. It is a form of expression that conveys deep emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Attitude shayari is one type of shayari which expresses strong emotions with the help of words.

Attitude shayari can be found in many different languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and English. It is often used to express love, admiration or even anger. This type of poetry has become popular among people who want to express their feelings in a unique way.

In attitude shayari, the poet expresses his or her emotions through words. It is usually written using simple language but with great impact. The poet uses metaphors and similes to convey his or her message without being too direct. The words may be poetic but they carry a powerful emotional punch.

The most common attitude Shayari are those about love and relationships. These poems are often used to express deep love for someone or appreciation for something special that has been done for them by another person.

Sometimes attitude Shayari can also have an element of humor in them. This type of poem can make people laugh while still expressing strong emotions like sadness, anger or joy.

A few examples of attitude Shayari include:

  • "I'm not what I used to be/But you don't know me now/I'm still here waiting/For you to come around."
  • "We'll rise above it all/And together we'll stand tall/No matter how hard life gets/We will never fall."


Attitude Shayari are an excellent way to express strong emotions without being too direct. They can be funny or serious but always carry a powerful emotional punch. Whether it's about love, appreciation or anger- these poems always manage to capture our hearts!

Attitude Shayari In English of The Day

1.My attitude is based on how you treat me,
So don't get surprised if it changes with time. 2.I'm not afraid of being judged,
I live my life and do what's right for me. 3.The way I face life is all up to me,
No one else can decide my destiny. 4.My attitude reflects who I am,
So make sure you're treating me as a friend. 5.I won't change myself to fit in your world,
Instead I'll be more confident and bold! 6.No matter what comes my way,
My heart will remain strong and stay! 7.I may not always say the right things,
But at least I'm honest about everything! 8.My attitude isn't something that can be changed easily,
It takes strength and courage to keep it steadily! 9.If you want respect from me then show some too,
And maybe then we'll see our friendship through! 10 .I know who I am and where I stand;
That's why my attitude is so grand! 11 .It doesn't take much effort to have an attitude of gratitude;
All it takes is for us to pause and reflect on our blessings too! 12 .Positive vibes are the only thing that will surround me;
Negativity has no place in this sea of positivity! 13 .My spirit remains unshaken no matter what storm may come;
For having a good attitude makes every day feel like fun! 14 .Your words may hurt but they wont break me down;
For my positive outlook will always keep this frown upside down! 15 .Dont let anyone tell you how you should act or think;
Just stay true to yourself no matter what others might think or link ! 16 .With each passing day comes a fresh start ;
So keep your head high & your confidence smart ! 17 .Its better to smile than cry ,its better to choose love than hate ;
Eliminate negative thoughts & open up the gate ! 18 .You have control over your thoughts ,so never forget ;
Choose optimism & happiness ,forget about regret ! 19 .Be proud of yourself & grab hold of the wheel ;
The power of positive thinking will help you heal ! 20 A great attitude can really help us go far ;
Thats why we must embrace its beauty & never let it mar

Famous Poets for Attitude Shayari In English

Indian Poets: 1. Mirza Ghalib
2. Kabir
3. Amir Khusro
4. Faiz Ahmad Faiz
5. Allama Iqbal
6. Gulzar
7. Maya Angelou
8. Rabindranath Tagore
9. Sarojini Naidu
10. Kazi Nazrul Islam

Rest of the World Poets: 1. William Wordsworth
2. Emily Dickinson
3. Robert Frost
4. W H Auden
5 . Sylvia Plath
6 . Langston Hughes
7 . Pablo Neruda
8 . Oscar Wilde
9 . Walt Whitman
10 . John Keats