Listen To Ek Villain Returns Songs - Soulful Soundtrack

Ek Villain Returns songs Immerse yourself in the emotional journey . Experience a soul-stirring soundtrack that resonates with love, pain, and passion.

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The topic Ek Villain Returns songs pertains to the musical compositions featured in the upcoming Indian film "Ek Villain Returns." This cinematic soundtrack is expected to include various songs, each contributing to the movie's narrative and emotional depth. These songs could encompass a range of genres, such as romantic, emotional, or energetic tunes, aiming to enhance the movie's overall experience. Fans and enthusiasts are likely looking forward to the release of these songs, as they will likely play a significant role in shaping the film's mood and impact.

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Ek Villain Returns Songs List

Dil Song
Singer    Raghav Chaitanya
Music     Kaushik-Guddu
Lyricist   Kunaal Vermaa

Galliyan Returns Song
Singer   Ankit Tiwari
Music    Ankit Tiwari
Lyricist  Manoj Muntashir

Shaamat Song 
Singer    Ankit Tiwari, Tara Sutaria
Music     Ankit Tiwari
Lyricist   Prince Dubey

Naa Tere Bin Song
Singer   Altamash Faridi
Music    Tanishk Bagchi
Lyricist   Tanishk Bagchi

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Ek Villain Returns All Songs Lyrics

Dil Lyrics Song Lyrics
Phir agar mujhe tu kabhi na mile
Humsafar mera tu bane na bane
Faslon se mera pyar hoga na kam
Tu na hoga kabhi ab juda

Maine tera naam dil rakh diya
Maine tera naam dil rakh diya
Dhadkega tu mujhme sada
Maine tera naam dil rakh diya

Tere vaste kabhi mera
Ye pyar na hoga kam

Maine tera naam dil rakh diya
Maine tera naam dil rakh diya
Dhadkega tu mujhme sada
Maine tera naam dil rakh diya

Na bhula saka main teri chahatein
Ishq pe kaha bas kisi ka chale
Ho bhi jaaye meri sanse chahe khatam
Kam na hogi kabhi ye waffa

Maine tera naam dil rakh diya
Maine tera naam dil rakh diya
Dhadkega tu mujhme sada
Maine tera naam dil rakh diya.

Galliyan Returns Lyrics Song Lyrics

Kuch aur nahi baaki mujhme
Tu jaan meri tu dil hai
Saanson ke bina to jee lenge
Par tere bina mushkil hai

Kismatein teri meri judi hai
Mere hathon mein rab ne likhi hai

Teri galliyan galiyan teri galiyan
Mujhko bhavein galiyan teri galiyan
Teri galiyan galiyan galiyan galiyan
Yoon hi tadpavein galiyan teri galiyan

Tu aisi baazi hai oh yaara
Jeeta bhi jisko main haara bhi

Tu aisi baazi hai oh yaara
Jeeta bhi jisko main haara bhi
Tu meri galti hai to sunn le
Yeh galti hogi dobara bhi

Jaunga main yahan se kahan
Mere paon se lipti hai

Teri galliyan galiyan teri galiyan
Mujhko bhavein galiyan teri galiyan
Teri galiyan galiyan galiyan galiyan
Yoon hi tadpavein galiyan teri galiyan.

Shaamat Lyrics Song Lyrics

Mana kiya maine phir bhi
Suni na thune ek meri
Chala hain tu karne yaara
Wahi jo teri hain marzi

Mere dil toda tujhe
Dard ab na mile

Ho aaj yun tujhe milne
Mohabbat aayi hain
Lagta hain dil teri
Shaamat aayi hain

Dil ka chain raaton ki
Neendein churai hai
Lagta hain dil teri
Shaamat aayi hain

Humko khabar ab hain kahaan
Jaane kya ho raha yaha
Jabse mile ho tum mujhe
Ban gaye ho tum hi jaha

Aage jaane se pehale dil
Ek dafa sochle

Aaj yun tujhe milne
Mohabbat aayi hain
Lagta hain dil teri
Shaamat aayi hain

Dil ka chain raaton ki
Neendein churai hai
Lagta hain dil teri
Shaamat aayi hain.

Naa Tere Bin Lyrics Song Lyrics

Tera asar o bekhabar
Main kho gaya jaane kidhar
Tu mere paas hai abhi
To lamhe khass hai abhi

Na jaane kab hua yakin
Ke kuch bhi tere bin nahi

Na tere bin rehna ji
Na aur kuch kehna ji
Ke jagte jagte
Main umar bita loon

Kareeb aa tu iss tarah
Saanse mile do jiss tarah
Main tere sang ye safar gujarun

Mile ho tum mujhe abhi
To ho gaya mujhe yakin
Kitna main tanha
Bheed mein raha hun

main zidd mein hi rehna ji
Judai nahi sehna ji
Ke haste haste
Main gum tera rodun

Na ek pal chaina ji
Hai sath mein rehna ji
Ke jagte jagte
Main umar bita loon.

Ek Villain Returns Songs

The term "Ek Villain Returns songs" refers to the collection of musical compositions featured in the upcoming Indian film "Ek Villain Returns." These songs are anticipated to weave emotions, drama, and depth into the movie's narrative, intensifying its impact. From soul-stirring melodies to foot-tapping beats, these songs are poised to be a vital element in conveying the film's essence and themes.

"In tunes of love and pain, the story finds its refrain, Ek Villain Returns, emotions unchained."

Ek Villain Returns MP3 Song Download

"Ek Villain Returns MP3 song download" denotes the process of acquiring the film's songs in the MP3 audio format through digital platforms. Enthusiasts can access and save these songs for personal listening, allowing them to immerse in the music's essence at their convenience. This convenience facilitates widespread access to the film's musical offerings.

"Click and play, emotions on display, Ek Villain Returns in MP3, your heart's delight each day."

Ek Villain Returns Songs Download

The phrase "Ek Villain Returns songs download" signifies the action of obtaining the complete array of songs from the movie. These downloads enable listeners to savor the melodies without an internet connection, preserving the magic of the music offline. It grants audiences the chance to cherish the film's soundtrack in diverse settings.

"From servers to your heart's abode, Ek Villain Returns songs download, emotions bestowed."

Ek Villain Returns Songs MP3 Download

"Ek Villain Returns songs MP3 download" involves acquiring the film's songs in the widely compatible MP3 audio format. This format ensures that the songs can be played on various devices, allowing listeners to relish the compositions without any limitations. It blends modern convenience with the pleasure of music.

"Bytes of emotions, melodies anew, Ek Villain Returns songs MP3 download, feelings true."

Ek Villain Returns Song Download

The term "Ek Villain Returns song download" pertains to obtaining an individual song from the movie's soundtrack. This allows enthusiasts to focus on a specific tune that resonates with them deeply, offering a personalized musical experience within the broader cinematic context.

Dil Ek Villain Returns Song

"Dil Ek Villain Returns" refers to a poignant musical composition within the upcoming Indian film. This song delves into the intricacies of emotions, possibly portraying love, heartbreak, or inner turmoil. It is anticipated to strike a chord with listeners, evoking deep sentiments through its lyrics and melody.

"Dil ki dastaan in ragon mein beh gayi, Ek Villain Returns - emotions that can't be denied."

Ek Villain Returns Song

The term "Ek Villain Returns song" encompasses the entire spectrum of musical pieces featured in the movie. These songs are expected to encapsulate the film's themes, character dynamics, and emotions. They hold the power to enhance the cinematic experience by intertwining storytelling with melodious tunes.

"In every note, a story unfolds, Ek Villain Returns song - where emotions enfold."

Ek Villain Returns Songs Download MP3 320kbps

"Ek Villain Returns songs download MP3 320kbps" signifies acquiring the movie's songs in high-quality audio format for an enriched listening experience. This higher bitrate ensures clarity and depth in the music, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the emotions conveyed by the songs.

"320kbps of emotion, in every beat and notion, Ek Villain Returns songs, a musical devotion."

Shaamat Song Ek Villain Returns

The "Shaamat" song from "Ek Villain Returns" likely offers a blend of poignant storytelling and soulful melody. It might portray a sense of loss, reflection, or transformation, aligning with the film's themes and characters.

"Shaamat aayi hai, dastaan lekar, Ek Villain Returns - jazbaat sehkar."

Dil Song Ek Villain Returns

"Dil" song from "Ek Villain Returns" could revolve around matters of the heart, possibly expressing love, heartache, or resilience. This emotional tune is likely to resonate with listeners, reflecting the movie's sentiments.

"Dil ko choo jaane wala ek geet, Ek Villain Returns - jazbaat ke reet."

Ek Villain Returns MP3 Song

An "Ek Villain Returns MP3 song" pertains to a musical track featured in the movie. In digital audio format, it encapsulates the essence of the film's emotions, themes, and characters. Listeners can anticipate a captivating blend of melody and lyrics that resonates with the movie's narrative.

"MP3 mein chhupa hai dard bhara saaz, Ek Villain Returns ki awaaz."

Download Ek Villain Returns Songs

"Download Ek Villain Returns songs" entails acquiring the movie's musical pieces through digital platforms. These downloads offer the luxury of relishing the music offline, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the movie's emotions whenever and wherever they desire.

"Internet se ghar tak, Ek Villain Returns ke gaano ka saath, sangeet ki baat."

Ek Villain Returns All MP3 Song Download

"Ek Villain Returns all MP3 song download" refers to acquiring the complete collection of songs from the movie in digital audio format. This comprehensive download empowers fans to enjoy the full spectrum of emotions woven into the film's soundtrack.

"Har geet mein chhupi hai ek nayi kahani, Ek Villain Returns - sangeet ki jawani."

Ek Villain Returns Movie Song Download

"Ek Villain Returns movie song download" signifies obtaining the songs featured in the film's soundtrack. These songs are integral to the cinematic experience, adding depth, drama, and emotions to the storyline.

"Har sur mein basi hai kahaniyan anmol, Ek Villain Returns - sangeet ka roop rasool."

Ek Villain Returns Song MP3 Download

An "Ek Villain Returns song MP3 download" involves obtaining an individual song from the movie's soundtrack in digital audio format. This targeted approach allows listeners to indulge in a specific emotion-rich melody.

"MP3 mein uttar rahi hai har baat, Ek Villain Returns - sangeet ka pyaar saraarat."

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