Gujarati Shayari - An Insight Into the Indian Culture

Shayari is an important part of any culture but it is especially prominent in India. Gujarati shayari has been around for centuries, and it is still popular today. Gujarati shayari is a type of poetry that expresses emotion through the use of words, often with a romantic or spiritual theme.

The language of Gujarat is known as Gujarati and its literary form has been around since the 12th century. It was used by poets such as Narsinh Mehta and Mirabai to express their love for God. It was also used to express feelings of sorrow, joy, and longing.

In modern times, Gujarati shayari has evolved into a form of expression that conveys deep emotions through rhyme and meter. The most common form of Gujarati shayari is called "ghazal," which consists of couplets that are linked together in some way.

Ghazals are typically written in a specific meter or rhythm called "tal". This meter helps to convey the emotion behind each line. There are four main types of tal: Dhamar, Hori, Kafi, and Chhand. Each one has its own unique characteristics.

Gujarati Shayari often focus on themes such as love, patriotism, religion, nature and philosophy. They can be lighthearted or serious depending on the writer's intention. Many modern writers have taken up this art form to express their thoughts and feelings in poetic form.

The popularity of Gujarati Shayari continues even today as they have become an integral part of Indian culture. People from all walks of life enjoy reading them as they provide insight into the country's rich heritage while being entertaining at the same time.

"Love" - A Popular Theme In Gujarati Shayari


"Love", undeniably one of the most popular themes in literature across cultures has found its place in Gujarathi Shayari too! Love stories woven with exquisite words fill our hearts with warmth and nostalgia. Heres an example from renowned poet Udayan Vajpeyi:

"Nee sokhi nee sokhi koi nahee mane tame jane..." (No one cares about me except you)

This beautiful piece captures how deeply we feel when we experience true love!


Gujarathi Shayaries offer us glimpses into different aspects of life love , pain , patriotism , religion etc . Over time , these have evolved to incorporate more contemporary topics like technology , relationships etc . As long as there will be people who appreciate beauty in words these timeless pieces will continue to touch us all!

Gujarati Shayari of The Day

1.You are the one who made me believe in love,
My life is so beautiful with you by my side. 2.Your beauty fills my heart and soul,
Your presence makes me feel whole. 3.I can't express my feelings for you,
It's something that I can never do. 4.My love for you will never break,
It will remain forever and ever awake. 5.A day without seeing your face,
Feels like eternity without grace. 6.I am blessed to have someone like you in my life,
You are the reason why I'm alive! 7.The sparkle in your eyes tells a story of true love,
And it's only for me that shines from above! 8 .Every moment spent with you is magical and divine,
We connect on a level that no one else can find! 9 .No matter how far away we may be apart,
My heart still beats for you from the start! 10 .Your sweet words make me feel so alive again,
You always know what to say to ease all my pain! 11 .This feeling I get when I am close to you ,
Is truly incomparable and nothing compares to it too ! 12 .The way we talk about our dreams together ,
Makes this relationship an eternal pleasure ! 13 .When I look into your eyes deep ,

I see the reflection of our undying love and keep ! 14 .All these moments spent together will be cherished forever more ,
Our bond is strong and our hearts are sure ! 15 .Whenever theres darkness around us we fight together as one ,
To bring back the light which has just begun ! 16 .Theres no greater joy than being with you every day ,
With every passing minute our love just keeps growing each way ! 17 .Let us promise each other that our love shall never fade away ,
In each others arms let us stay until eternity may sway ! 18 Nothing can come between us if we stand united as one ,
Forever bound by this divine bond under the sun ! 19 Our journey of togetherness has just begun anew ,
May god bless us both now and forever too !! 20 With all my heart I want to tell you how much I Love You ;
As long as time exists My Love for You is True !!

Famous Poets for Gujarati Shayari

Famous Indian Poets:
1. Mirabai
2. Kabir Das
3. Narsinh Mehta
4. Surdas
5. Tulsidas
6. Amir Khusro
7. Mahadevi Verma
8. Rahim
9. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
10. Sarojini Naidu

Famous Poets from Rest of the World:
1. William Shakespeare
2. Robert Frost
3. Sylvia Plath
4 .John Donne
5 .Rumi
6 .Pablo Neruda
7 .Oscar Wilde
8 .Walt Whitman
9 .Emily Dickinson
10 .Langston Hughes

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