Broken Heart Shayari: Mend Your Soul with Poetic Healing

Heal your broken heart with our collection of soul-stirring broken heart shayari, expressing the pain of lost love.

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Broken Heart Shayari - Express Your Emotions In Words

Shayari is a form of poetry that has been used for centuries to express emotions. It is often used by lovers to express their love and sorrow when they are apart. Broken heart shayari is an expression of sadness, longing, and despair that comes from a broken heart. It can be used to convey feelings of loss, pain, hurt, or disappointment in love.

A broken heart shayari poem can be written in many different ways. The poet may choose to use words that describe the emotions being experienced or paint a picture with vivid imagery. There are no rules for writing these poems and its up to the individual writer to decide how best to express their feelings.

Types Of Broken Heart Shayari

  • Sad Shayari: These poems usually focus on the sadness associated with a broken heart. They often talk about the pain of separation or rejection and how hard it is to move on.
  • Longing Shayari: These poems capture the feeling of longing for someone who is no longer there. They may talk about the emptiness that comes with knowing youll never see them again.
  • Despair Shayari: These poems explore feelings of hopelessness and despair brought on by a broken heart. They may talk about how life seems meaningless without the person they loved.

Themes Of Broken Heart Shayari

These poems often contain themes such as loneliness, regret, pain, sorrow, and hope. They also touch upon topics like grief, loss , acceptance , moving on , and healing . Some poets may choose to focus on one theme while others might explore multiple themes in their work. p>

Structure Of Broken Heart Shayari p>

Broken heart shayari poems can vary greatly in structure . Some may follow traditional poetic structures such as couplets or quatrains while others might have an irregular format . The most important thing is that each line conveys emotion and makes sense within the context of the poem . p>

Examples Of Broken Heart Shayiris p>

Example 1 : strong>
My tears have dried up but my soul still feels empty; My love was so true yet I'm left here alone; How I wish I could turn back time so we could start anew; But all I can do now is keep this broken heart hidden away ." p>

Example 2 : strong>
I thought our love was unbreakable; But nothing lasts forever ; Now I'm left here alone With just memories to last me through eternity ." p>

Conclusion p>

Writing broken heart shayari can help you cope with your emotions after experiencing a breakup or loss in relationships. It allows you to express your feelings in words and find comfort in knowing that others understand what youre going through too.

Broken Heart Shayari of The Day

1. My heart is broken and I don't know why,
I can't find the courage to even try.

2. It's hard to bear this broken heart,
It's like I'm walking in the dark.

3. Memories of us still linger on,
But all that's left are tears and a broken song.

4. When my heart was broken into pieces,
I thought it would never be at peace.

5. All I have now is an empty space,
That used to house so much love and grace.

6. The pain of a broken heart will never fade away,
And its wounds will always remain in my soul today.

7. With each passing day I feel more alone,
My shattered heart has nowhere left to call home.

8. Now that you're gone there's nothing here for me,
Just memories of our love which no longer can be.

9. There's nothing that can mend this broken heart of mine,
It seems like everything has been taken away with time.

10. All I can do is keep trying to move on,
Even though these feelings inside me just seem wrong.

11. The sadness and emptiness are all that remain now,
As if my life has become some kind of hollow vow.

12 . Even though it hurts so much deep inside ,
I'll keep trying till one day I'm able to get by .

13 . Although you may not see it , this pain won't go away ,
All the joy and laughter we shared fades away everyday .

14 . Every single moment without you feels like eternity ,
Without you here beside me , how could I ever be free ?

15 . This feeling of loneliness and despair wont go away ,
No matter how hard i try its here to stay .

16 . Days pass by but the pain still remains strong ,
The only thing keeping me going is knowing one day i'll be gone ..... forever long !

17 . Nothing in life can replace what we had together ,
This feeling of loss will last forever .... until whenever ! 18 . You've taken away all my happiness and joy from within me ,
Leaving behind a void too deep for anyone else to see ..... ! BR/>
19 . How could someone who once meant everything break my trust so easily ?.,.,.,..! BR/>
20 As the days pass by i start realizing more and more what i lost due to your lies.....!

Famous Poets for Broken Heart Shayari

1. Gulzar (India)
2. Mirza Ghalib (India)
3. Rumi (World)
4. Allama Iqbal (India)
5. Maya Angelou (World)
6. Kabir Das (India)
7. Pablo Neruda (World)
8. Faiz Ahmad Faiz (India)
9. William Wordsworth (World)
10. Shiv Kumar Batalvi(India)

11. John Donne(World)
12 Amir Khusro(India)
13 Dorothy Parker(World )
14 Bash Matsuo( World )
15 Sarojini Naidu( India )
16 Walt Whitman( World )
17 Rahat Indori( India )
18 Emily Dickinson( World )
19 Harivansh Rai Bachchan( India ) 20 Wislawa Szymborska( World ).

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