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Unleash your attitude in just two lines with our captivating collection of attitude shayari, showcasing your unique persona.

Attitude Shayari 2 Line

Shayari is a way of expressing emotions through poetry. It is often used to express love, admiration, respect and even attitude. Attitude Shayari are those which express strong feelings of ones own abilities and power. The two-line Shayari are especially popular among the youth as they convey powerful messages in a simple, yet effective manner.

The two line attitude shayari can be both positive and negative depending on the situation or emotion that needs to be expressed. Positive attitude Shayari usually focus on self-confidence, courage and determination while negative ones may talk about jealousy, insecurity or anger.

Attitude Shayari are often used to motivate oneself or others. They can be used to boost morale and provide inspiration for difficult times. For example, a person might read an attitude shayari before giving an important presentation or when facing a difficult challenge.

"Aaj se teri haar baat manne walon ki nazron mein hoon main" (Today I am in the eyes of those who accept your defeat) is an example of an attitude shayari that conveys self-confidence and determination.

"Kisi ko kabhi apni dosti ka ehsaas na hona" (Never let anyone feel the presence of your friendship) is another example of an attitude shayari that conveys strength and willpower.

"Jitna bhi samjha lena tu mujhe parwaah nahi hai" (No matter how much you understand me I don't care) is yet another example of an attitude shayari which expresses nonchalance towards criticism.

"Toot jaye zamane bhar ke sab rishtey magar mere dil mein teri yaadein reh jaati hain" (All relations may break in this world but your memories will remain forever in my heart) expresses loyalty towards someone special despite all odds.

"Mere liye dard bhari haathon se banaya tha jo apna woh khud hi tumne tor diya" (You yourself destroyed what you had made with your pain filled hands for me) talks about betrayal from someone close.

"Mera dil ye chahe koi mujhse door rahe magar mere saath hi jeene marne ka faisla pakka hai" (My heart wishes for someone to stay away from me but it is decided that he/she will live and die with me) expresses unconditional love for somebody despite their shortcomings.

"Apni marzi se jeene wale hum nahi milte har waqt kisi ko yu hi maane wale hum nahi milte" (People who live according to their own wishes don't come across us easily those who agree with everyone without questioning don't come across us easily either) shows independence in thought process despite being surrounded by people who think differently than them.

"Hum itna badal chuke hain ki ab dikhai bhi nahi dete par logon ka sochta huva dekha bhi nahi dete" (We have changed so much now we don't even show ourselves but we still keep seeing what people think about us) shows how one has changed over time due to experiences faced by them




Attitude Shayari are short poems which convey powerful messages in just two lines. They can be used to motivate oneself or others during difficult times or simply express strong feelings such as love, admiration, respect etc. There are both positive and negative attitudes expressed through these two line Shayari which depend on the situation at hand. P>

Attitude Shayari 2 Line of The Day

1.My attitude is my way of expressing,
I don't care what people think or say. 2.I will shine and fly high like a kite,
Nothing can stop me from reaching the sky. 3.I am not perfect but I'm unique,
That's why I stand out from the rest of the crowd. 4.I am confident and strong inside out,
No one can bring me down without my consent. 5.I have an attitude that no one can match,
Because I believe in myself more than anything else. 6.The way to success starts with a positive attitude,
So never give up on your dreams no matter what happens! 7.My attitude is based on how you treat me,
Respect me and get respect back- that's how it works for me! 8.My smile hides a million secrets and stories untold;
But if you look closely enough you'll know who I am truly made of! 9.Sometimes silence speaks louder than words;
It shows how much strength we possess within us! 10.Don't be afraid to take risks in life;
You are far stronger than you ever thought possible! 11 .If someone doesn't appreciate your worth ,
Just move on - it's their loss not yours ! 12 .No one has the power to define your worth ;
It lies only within yourself ! 13 .Your inner beauty will always shine brighter ;
Let nothing dim its light ! 14 .Be brave enough to stand up for yourself ;
You're worth far more than what they think ! 15 .Be proud of who you are today ;
Dont let anyone put you down ! 16 .Life is too short to wait for others approval ;
Do what makes YOU happy ! 17 .Your courage defines who you really are ;
Believe in yourself and stay strong ! 18 .Take each day as it comes , with positivity all around ;
Your future depends upon where your thoughts take you now ! 19 .Dont let other peoples opinions dictate your life journey ;
Follow your heart and cherish every moment as it comes by ! 20 . Smile at every opportunity that comes your way - it takes courage , but its worth it all in the end !!

Famous Poets for Attitude Shayari 2 Line

1. Mirza Ghalib
2. Faiz Ahmad Faiz
3. Mir Taqi Mir
4. Allama Iqbal

5. Walt Whitman
6. William Wordsworth
7. Emily Dickinson
8. Robert Frost

9. T S Eliot
10. Pablo Neruda